TiN (Titanium Nitride) Coating

Titanium Nitride Orthopedic Coating

These devices are not cleared by the FDA for use in the US.

Implantcast offers a cutting-edge coating which provides the benefit of wear reduction and nearly eliminates metal ion debris from escaping the prosthesis and entering the surrounding areas.

TiNbN is applied through a physical vapor deposition process by which titanium and niobium atoms are accelerated onto the implant surface. The reaction introduces nitrogen, creating a lattice structure and embedding the extremely hard, smooth, and thin ceramicized coating into the implant.

This coating has been used in tens of thousands of orthopedic surgeries. Extensive lab testing has shown:

  • TiN coating is more than 4 time harder than the CoCr that it coats
  • Pin on disc and knee simulator wear tests showed a 40% reduction in wear with TiN coating, as well as a significant improvement in scratch resistance
  • A test evaluated the release of ions in the specimen. Chromium and nickel ions were undetectable, and cobalt was barely detected
  • By being smoother, TiN coating improves wettability of the implant surface for body fluids
  • TiN is biocompatible and non-toxic

*Testing and evidence is on file and available per request.

Titanium Nitride Orthopedic Coating