C-Fit 3D® (Custom Orthopedic Implants)

Custom Hip Implant
Custom Orthopedic Implants

Implantcast GmbH has a long history of engineering expertise and innovation as evidenced by world-wide name recognition in the custom device specialty. Custom devices are planned specifically for the patient when no viable option to treat them exists on the market.

  • Partial pelvis
  • Intercalary
  • Sacrum with or without spinal connectivity
  • Distal tibia
  • Glenoid/scapular bone loss with or without a constrained shoulder
  • Bone loss augmentation
  • Short stems for joint sparing
  • Hand/wrist
  • Foot/ankle
  • Growing prostheses, mechanical and biological growth
  • Patient specific instruments for resection and device preparation

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a custom case.  For custom design, we will need an axial CT scan encompassing the whole region with 1mm slices in original DICOM format and artefact reduction (if applicable).

You can visit the implantcast GmbH website for more detail and case examples: C-Fit® 3D (implantcast.de)

Custom Hip Implant
Custom Orthopedic Implants
C-Fit Custom Orthopedic Implants by ImplantCast North America