Knee Joint Prostheses

ACS Uni Knee System
ACS Uni Knee Prosthetic System

The ACS® Uni Knee System is indicated for partial replacement of the articulating surfaces of the knee when only one side of the joint is affected due to compartmental primary degenerative or post-traumatic degenerative disease, previous tibial condyle or plateau fractures, deformity or revision of previous arthroplasty.

System Details:

  • Four anatomical resurfacing cemented femoral components
  • Femoral dual peg and low profile keel for rotational and torque stability
  • Semi-constrained bearing
  • Five insert sizes with composite heights 8mm-14mm
  • Seven asymmetric cemented tibial sizes including two “narrow”
  • Tibial keel and dual peg for stable fixation
ACS Uni Knee Prosthetic System