Custom Prostheses

Custom Prostheses – C-Fit 3D

These devices are not cleared by the FDA for use in the US.

custom pic 1

Implantcast’s Customs Team uses an advanced 3D printing technology and software called C-Fit 3D. We create a 3D model from high-resolution MRI or CT data of the reconstructed bone / joint. This 3D model is now the base for the individual prosthesis, and our highly experienced bio engineers work closely with the clinician to plan and produce a prosthesis based on their specifications and the patient´s requirements.

This enables exact positioning of the implant to the residual anatomical defect contour. Additionally the hyper accurate 3D planning can suggest additional bone resection that would improve the position and fixation of the prosthesis, and can produce patient specific cutting block templates that facilitate the creation of screw holes or additional stabilizing primary fixation options. This additional planning minimizes the amount of bone to be resected and can reduce the amount of surgery time for the patient.
Following receipt of the CT scan, please allow Customs Team approximately 6 weeks to render, review, manufacture, package, and ship the Custom.

If you would like to see a Custom plan for a complex case, please contact us today.