A Silver Lining for Lisa


These devices are not cleared by the FDA for use in the US.

Lisa led an exciting life of travelling, attending events with her friends and family, and even instructing fitness classes. Her life changed when she unexpectedly acquired an infection in 2013. A type of Mycobacterium infection caused her body severe distress and left her in the hospital for months. During this time, her previously replaced hip was being attacked by the infection. After enduring nine surgeries to fight this infection and repair her body, Lisa was facing a new life of severe impairment and possible loss of her leg due to the bone damage around her hip. Richard Buch, MD knew that Lisa was at high risk for another infection. He decided that a MUTARS Silver Coated Hip Replacement would be the ideal implant for her because it would replace the bone that had been damaged. Additionally, silver is known to have antimicrobial properties and the silver coating inhibits biofilm formation on the implant.

implantcast, a developer and manufacturer of implantable prostheses designed to save limbs, was proud to provide the MUTARS Silver implant for the surgery.

With her new MUTARS Silver Coated Hip, Lisa is healthy and continues her journey to recovery - she is getting her life back after this devastating illness. “It’s life changing, and I hope that there are others to come along like me who see this and know that they too can enhance the quality of their life further. Thanks to implantcast, I have been able to get back to my normal routine as I know it”. She plans to start traveling again soon, and Lisa is working to get her event planning and custom gift basket business in the DFW area, Simply Discreet Unlimited, off the ground!

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